Requirements of a Teacher Training Process

The education system in the United Kingdom offers the flexibility of work and hence, many people choose teaching as their career. A majority of teaching jobs have straightforward British curriculum. Thus, even the foreign teachers can pick up the curriculum very quickly.

Qualifications You Need to Become a Teacher

To qualify as a teacher in the United Kingdom, you must meet the following requirements:

· GCSE Grade: To become a teacher for primary teaching, the basic need is that you must have GCSE Grade C or above.

· Skills Tests: You must clear literacy and numeracy tests before starting the course.

· A Degree: If you are focusing on primary teaching, then ITT providers prefer you if you have a degree. The preferred degree should be of national curriculum subject. Even if you do not have this degree, you can directly speak to the training providers. They will check your degree as per their requirements. For secondary teaching, you must have a degree in the subject you would prefer to teach.

· Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses: Your training provider may ask to start this course. When your degree is not closely associated with the subject, you need to start the course. With this course, you can boost your knowledge in a particular subject. The length of these courses varies according to your need. These courses are available as a part-time study or full-time or distance learning. You can complete it either before or alongside the teacher training course.

Declarations Needed for Teaching

No doubt, teaching jobs are highly responsible and hence, complete declarations related to health and criminal convictions are required. All schools check your criminal records before starting the training.

Benefits of Teaching

Teaching is an exciting job and as such, holidays and payments for teachers are extensive.

If you think teaching is a right job for you, then do start the training process.